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Meet Our Special Guest Speakers This Thursday May 18th. . .

We’re delighted to have some good friends join us to share their experiences, and give women’s perspectives on

What Makes You Good In Bed – Women Who Know Share Their Thoughts

So what exactly makes someone good in bed?

What can you do if your partner isn’t?

What if you are having challenges being orgasmic yourself?

How do you truly know your partner is happy?

This talk will give you actionable techniques that will transform your sex life!

Drs. Massimo Fontana & Steve McGough (DHS) are joined by several experts who share a wide range of experience.

Join us on Zoom this Thursday, May 18th at 11 AM (EST) where we continue the discussion on why many people have challenges in the bedroom – plus and what to do about it!

We wanted to give a little background on our guests, both have a wide range of experiences working with couples.  Their backgrounds are below (in alphabetical order)


Rev. Jody Bailey ATM-S

hi® Master Level instructor – Founder of The Intimacy Institute of Salt Lake

There are those who find their destiny. Those who never find their destiny. Then there are those whose destiny finds them. That’s what happened to Rev. Jody Bailey. She didn’t start her speaking and coaching career with the intent of teaching sexuality, but one invitation changed all that and set the snowball rolling. It is now her passion to teach sexuality and how one can tap into their core life force energy for health, wealth, and happiness.

She has been featured in various print media, including Salt Lake Magazine, various radio media including, Real Men Feel and has been a featured speaker for many organizations including, American Express.

She is a contributing author in Heart of a Toastmaster and in a collaboration with Steven G. O’Dell on The Care and Feeding of the Sexual Female, a Guide for the Clueless Male.

Her greatest achievements are being a GILF and a self-proclaimed grill master.

Rev. Jody is Founder of The Intimacy Institute of Salt Lake, CEO of Got Intimacy?, a Certified Master hi® Instructor, a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, and EFT Practitioner, Tantra Practitioner and OM Practitioner. She can be found at The Intimacy Institute and The Erotic Life.


Dr. Jane Guyn

Dr. Jane Guyn is a sex coach and sexologist who has been happily married for almost 40 years. She has 6 grown kids and way too many pets.

Her passion is helping couples and individuals stop feeling shitty about sex so that they can feel alive, connected and filled with pleasure instead.

She says that it’s a great trade off. Dr. Jane is the proud author of the simple book, “Too Busy to Get Busy” which is available on Amazon, the author of the syndicated column “Understanding Intimacy” and, most recently, a very proud grandmother.  She’s a beginner improv student who is trained as a yoga teacher.

Dr. Jane enjoys live music in beautiful Bend, OR.

She received a PhD in Human Sexuality. She works with couples in her office in Central Oregon and virtually all over the world.

You can find her on her website https://www.howtofixmysexlife.com/

Here’s a link to the program she’s currently promoting. It’s called “The Talk: how to talk about the good, the bad and the sexy without the explosives!”


She also has a free quiz that many find interesting: https://www.howtofixmysexlife.com/quiz.html

Dr. Guyn can be contacted at jane@drjaneguyn.com or via text at 612 802 1878.


Kim Walker

For over 20 years Kim and her husband, Brad have taught Tantric Arts in the US and Internationally.  Kim has a masters in Biology, licensed massage therapist, certified hypnotist including erotic hypnosis and many other healing modalities at her center in Spring, Texas (north of Houston).

Kim and Brad have been the primary instructors for many resorts in the USA and the Caribbean.  Through this they’ve helped thousands of couples transform their sex lives to be more passionate and intimate.

They have designed private individual, couples and group Tantric Lessons (Passion Playshops) to increase awareness of natural ecstatic states that allow you to be guided to a deeper understanding of your relationship to yourself, your Body and your Beloved.

To learn more visit www.TantricHearts.com

or call 713 436-9006

Visit their YouTube Channel for dozens of live testimonials from their students.

Join us for this eye opening discussion!



If you can’t make it Thursday, we’ll stream the talk on Youtubeat 11AM (EST) on Friday May 19th.

Make sure to subscribe to the channel so you get the update for the class Friay.

During the stream we’ll be available to answer questions via the chat.

Check our youtube channel at http://youtube.com/c/womenandcoupleswellness for the stream!

Again, if anyone has any questions please let me know.

See You Thursday (or Friday)!


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