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(1) Schedule your special coaching session at:  https://calendly.com/himassager
(2) Join our training classes at: https://classes.womenandcouples.com
Use your email address (the address you used to order your hi® system) as your login and password.  If you purchased through Amazon, via Europe or Australia, please contact us at https://himassager.com/training and we’ll set up an account for you.
(3) Watch the videos and details below for quick ways to start!
Please check out our intro video to begin:

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 Your receipt and tracking information will come from “steve@womenandcouples.com”  and the training center emails will come from either “notifications@m.teachable.com” or from “notifications@z.teachablemail.com
We invite you to take a journey with us as we share many skills you can use for self-care – and taking care of your partner’s needs.
Before your hi unit arrives, we suggest you begin the online training.  
To access your training classes, go to:
Your login and password will be the email address you ordered your unit with.   So for example, if your email is “you@domain.com”  you would use the following:
login:  you@domain.com
password: you@domain.com
Use the email address as your login and password.  If you purchased through Amazon, via Europe or Australia, please contact us at https://himassager.com/training and we’ll set up an account for you.
Two classes that we recommend people learn first are the hand massage and intimacy massage programs.
 This video also goes into more detail with women’s techniques:

For hi, here’s a link to a short routine just focusing on techniques for women’s pelvic massage.

Here also is a link to tips & advanced techniques:
Then here’s the extended manual of the full massage technique for both women and men:
 This program covers a variety of areas that help couples connect more – including massage routines with the hi massage system.  It has some very useful skills for people who are single as well as in relationships.  We’ll also be adding more programs as soon as possible.
If you didn’t receive the introduction emails, please contact us – or you can select to “reset password”
Thanks again & if you have any questions about the program – or questions,  please let us know.
You can reach us at 910 216-2293 or via email at:  support@womenandcouples.com
P.S. if you email after business hours (East Coast USA time) we may not be able to respond till the next business day – but we’ll respond just as soon as we can.  Plus I’ll be traveling this week and will only have intermittent internet access, but will respond as soon as possible

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