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Understanding ED

Erectile dysfunction is common and affects a large percentage of men, particularly after 40.  This can be very frustrating for men and their partners.  While there are many possible causes for erectile dysfunction, they can be grouped into 2 main categories – stress-related (psychogenic), and physical issues (physiological).  hi® can especially help with the first category.

Order hi® now and experience how it can change your life.

hi® is a natural way to help with stress-related ED.*

hi® can produce stimulation that’s similar in frequency and amplitude ranges to what studies have demonstrated can help induce erections in men. It does this by directly stimulating the cavernous nerve in the penis.  So even if stress is keeping your mind from sending the signal, hi® may help get things going.

Dr. Clyde Corey, MD gives his thoughts on hi® for Erectile Dysfunction

Order hi® now and experience how it can change your life.

Studies on paralyzed men wanting to have children demonstrated that certain frequencies of mechanical stimulation can induce an erection, and often ejaculation.  This was remarkable because these men are completely paralyzed from the waist down.  Their brain couldn’t send the signal to activate their cavernous nerve because their spinal cord was cut.  This unique stimulation appears to cause the cavernous nerve to spontaneously tell the blood vessels to release nitric oxide.  These men used it so they could also ejaculate and have children with their partners via artificial insemination.  They couldn’t feel the stimulation but had the results.  The devices used in studies cost approximately $900.00.

This vibratory discovery is where hi® comes in.  hi® can produce similar frequency and amplitude ranges to what devices in the studies demonstrated.

The vibratory guide can massage the length of the penis to induce erection.

This also can be very pleasurable by itself or with your partner.

With hi® you can take care of you and your partner’s needs.  You also can use hi® together with your partner to enhance your experience.

For stress reduction, the hi® massager is outstanding for full body massage and relaxation.  Training programs are included with hi®.

No matter what your situation, hi® increases the relaxation and pleasure you share with your partner.  Ultimately, actions speak much louder than words.  Making the effort to take care of your partner’s needs, and improving yourself, demonstrates you care on a much deeper level.

Order hi® now and experience how it can change your life.

To understand ED we first need to know what’s going on in our bodies.

To have an erection, our brain sends a signal down the spine which finally causes the ‘cavernous nerve’ in the penis to activate.  This activation sends a signal to your blood vessels to generate nitric oxide.  The release of nitric oxide causes the blood vessels going into your penis to expand.  Then more blood flows into your penis than flows out in the veins returning.  This overinflation of blood going in causes the penis to expand like a balloon.  As long as this continues, you have an erection.

While this is happening, enzymes in your blood vessels constantly remove the nitric oxide that was produced.  So it’s a balance between the cavernous nerve causing faster production of nitric oxide than the enzymes degrade it.  As long as the signal from the cavernous nerve is there, nitric oxide is produced and the erection is maintained.  But if stress blocks the signal, nothing happens.  This is why psychological areas, chronic stress, or performance anxiety can keep things from happening – even when you want them to.

Many of the popular ED drugs block the enzyme that degrades nitric oxide, so the small amount being made has a bigger and longer effect.  The challenge with ED drugs is they block this enzyme all over your body, many times resulting in unwanted side effects.  Over time our bodies can develop a tolerance where the drugs don’t work as well.

Studies have shown that certain types of vibratory stimulation can directly activate erection – even if you are stressed.  We also have worked with men using hi® and found similar results.  However, we are providing this as a non-medical option and making no medical claims.  Each person’s situation is unique.

Order hi® now and experience how it can change your life.

hi® can often help with stress-related (psychogenic) ED.

This is tied to both chronic stress and possibly concern about performing at the moment.  In this case, your overall health is good.  However, your nervous system won’t shift blood flow to sexual areas when we’re locked in the “fight or flight” mode.  In this state, your blood supply goes to your arms and legs so you can move.  This can be an occasional “stage freight” situation or become something that affects you on a regular basis.  This category is a more common cause of ED when men are younger.

One way to explain this is to imagine this scenario.  You and your partner are on vacation in the tropics.  You’re in a hammock on a private beach and totally aroused together.

Then as things are getting really interesting, multiple snakes drop on you from the tree above.  

Odds are high your nervous system will immediately switch to fight or flight mode and your erection will vanish.  That’s a natural response that is hard-wired into your nervous system.  The challenge is stress from work and daily life can trigger the same response that keeps you in that high-stress state.  Later, when you’re now wanting to perform your brain won’t allow the blood to flow where you need it.

Order hi® now and experience how it can change your life.

A very unfortunate example of this is Military Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).  A review by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found male Veterans suffering from PTSD were significantly more likely than civilians to experience erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues.  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25665140/

In fact, one study found 85% of male combat veterans diagnosed with PTSD experienced ED, compared to only 22% of male combat veterans who didn’t deal with PTSD.   Another study found more than 80 percent of male combat Veterans with PTSD experienced overall sexual dysfunction.  In these cases, the men tended to be healthy, but their PTSD kept them locked in a fight or flight state.

This issue can cause serious harm to their relationship when they return home.  Most of us aren’t dealing with issues as severe as PTSD, but as life gets more stressful it will still take its toll.  Plus as we get older, hormone levels drop and our overall circulation can decline.  In this case, even though things still work, stress can take more of a toll on your performance than before.

Order hi® now and experience how it can change your life.

Another challenge from sustained stress is its effect on your testosterone levels.  Our bodies make testosterone from a compound called DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone).  This compound is also used to make the stress hormone cortisol, plus many other hormones.  The challenge is if we are severely stressed over a long time, our body prioritizes making cortisol over the other hormones.  This gets even worse with sustained stress because elevated cortisol at night makes it difficult to sleep deeply.  Our bodies restore DHEA levels at night during the deeper stages of sleep.  Over time the amount of DHEA left to make testosterone decreases, causing testosterone to drop.  This lowers our sex drive and can make erections even more difficult.

ED can also be caused by physical issues in your body (physiologic), particularly with the blood vessels, or how well the nerves are working.  This can have many causes including diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, hormonal changes, or medications.  If the problem is from that area, you should talk with your doctor.  If you aren’t sure, we strongly suggest you get a physical to see how things are going.  hi® is a great way to enhance your pleasure and your partners, but it’s not a medical solution.

In this case, you can still use hi® with your partner to enhance the experience, but you also need to work with your doctor on your health.  This is important because it could be a sign of a more serious later health condition.  Your penis health is an early indicator of your vascular and overall health.

Order hi® now and experience how it can change your life.

With hi® you can take care of both of your, and your partner’s needs in the bedroom.  You can also use hi® together with your partner for a more intense experience.

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