hi® Massager

hi® Massager Personal Wellness System

Caring for Your Partner and Yourself

The Science of Relaxation and Better Relationships

Stress does more harm to our relationship than most realize

How would your life be different if you both had a healthy way to reduce stress, that can naturally transition to intimacy?

The first step is to show your partner how much you care – with actions.

hi® includes easy and powerful training programs that you and your partner learn together.

As a result, they’ll be more able to take care of you as well

 hi® provides a unique training program that teaches you skills to take care of each other.

 hi® has the power of a sports massager but was designed for women’s pelvic health.  Its patented approach combines percussion with vibration that is optimized to help you relax.  So it can be used for women’s health areas, sports recovers, and couples massage.

Pelvic massage is what makes hi® unique.

hi® is amazing for full body massage, but is specifically designed for women’s pelvic massage.  Its patented method combines percussive and vibrational massage in a unique way that has never been done before.   It can be applied in three different ways.  The diagrams below are cross-sections of women’s torsos.

(1) hi® massages deeply into the abdominal area. 

(2) hi® massages both the lower abdomen and pelvic floor

(3) hi® can then massage the entire pelvic floor region

This allows you to continue from full body massage to pelvic massage. Pelvic massage helps women relax and deal with many challenges women face.  It also helps them relax on a new level they’ve never experienced before.

hi® is a powerful way to respark things, by showing your partner how much you care for them.  This is done on multiple levels – and actions speak louder than words.

If you take the time to do this, your partner will appreciate you in new ways.  It’s a wonderful way for couples to enhance and deepen their relationship.

 hi® feels amazing on tired hands.

Training programs included with hi® show couples easy techniques that greatly reduce stress, and often lead to enhanced intimacy.

How will your relationship change when you both are able to relax, reduce stress, and have your physical needs cared for?


After a long day, just a foot massage with hi® will make your partner feel amazing.

The hi® system is the gift that keeps on giving.  It also costs less than a date or getting a massage in many areas.



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